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GOATS Memorabilia was established on November 7, 2021.
As a comprehensive sports company, GOATS Memorabilia has locations in San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo.
We provide sports advertising, promotion, exchange, gifting and other services to the above three countries with mature sports cultural.

  • Hobby Box
  • Jersey and photo box for sports including tennis, golf, F1, basketball, and football;
    Entertainment box of movie props, posters, and other memorabilia;
    Cards box of basketball and football players.

  • Players Cooperation
  • Signing sessions, endorsements, meet-and-greets, and international tours for football and basketball stars;

  • Authentication service
  • You can use our certificate inquiry and authentication services (PSA, BGS, JSA).

In order to create a professional and communicative market for consumers, we will open an exchange platform for collectors all over the world on our official website.

We hope you can get the memorabilia worth collecting for life in our lucky box and expect more and more collectors to communicate on our platform.