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Authentication Service

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  • You can use our certificate inquiry and authentication services (PSA, BGS, JSA).

    On our official website, we'll launch an exchange platform for collectors worldwide in an effort to develop a professional and communicative market for consumers.

    We hope you can find the life-changing memorabilia in our Hobby Box and anticipate an increase in the number of collectors using our platform to connect.

    There are many different kinds of certificates in the market for collectibles, which creates a knowledge gap for novice collectors and collectors who are unfamiliar with many different certifications.

    The best introduction to a collection and guarantee is legitimate certificates.

    We have created an authoritative certificate service for you as a result.

    We work closely with these three agencies (PSA JSA BGS).

    You can provide us the materials you need to create a certificate, and we will offer you consultation services for authentication to confirm its legitimacy.

    We will assist you in sending your collections to the third-party (PSA JSA BGS) authentication certificates following the preliminary identification by our experts.

    You can increase your belief in the worth of signature collections in this way.