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Q: How to ensure the authenticity of the collection in the hobby box?

A: All the collections are equipped with official authoritative certificate or collection source certificate, except for some special collections and the super surprise series such as the GU jersey of Lionel Messi.

Since the special series are not sold by the global company, there is no relevant certificate. But we can provide consulting services to make one-to-one introduction.

In addition, in case of the doubts about the collections with certificates, we suggest both parties send the collections through the third-party authentication (PSA BGS JSA).

If you get any fake collection from GOATS Memorabilia, We will compensate the consumer 10 times the purchase price of the product.

Q: Why we can get two or more collections or prize cards in the hobby box?

A: In order to raise the quality of the lucky box, we have specially prepared a variety of collectibles for consumers to ensure that you can get a value-preserving collection.

If you get a prize card, then Congratulations!

This is a prize that can be exchanged for another super hobby box.

You will have the opportunity to obtain a super collection with great value that has never been sold!

Q: What is the pricing standard for the retail price and the selling price of the live streaming room?

A: In order to ensure the fairness of the market and balance the labor cost of the live streaming room, we set up the price of the football and basketball jersey lucky box 575-585 USD or 3880-4080 RMB or 77000-79000 Yen;

Due to the uncertainty of the movie product, the lucky box price of which is not more than 585 USD or 4080 RMB or 77000 Yen.

If any retailer or live streaming room sell the lucky box over or below the price we set up, we will permanently cancel our cooperation with them.

Q: How to ensure that the value of the products in the lucky box will not be much lower than the retail price?

A: First of all, the lucky box is an interesting product, which contains uncertain factors.

Secondly, we will add a large number of surprise products whose value far exceed the price of the lucky box, as well as the collections that have never been sold in the market such as the GU or GI jersey of players, so as to ensure your confidence and fun!

GOATS Memorabilia needs the supervision and support of all consumers.

If you have any question, please contact us.

Thank you for your support!